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Clown for the Lord  - Houston Clown School  - Kibbey Clowns

Learn to Clown for the Lord
Bring Joy Into Everyone's Heart
with a Professional Clown

Learning to Clown for the Lord is one of the courses offered at the Houston Clown School. We teach you how to function as a Clown in your own church. We do not teach any religion or theology. We teach you how to costume. This includes instructional on the right costume for the right face. There are also a variety of gospel illustrations for Sunday school. All this instruction to bring people to Christ. We take care to teach Hospital clowning from a Christian persective. Again, we welcome clowns from around the world to do Clowning with a Christian touch.

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See what being a Christian Clown has to offer! We can help show a new Clown ways to have compassion for others. Share the gospel of Jesus Christ in a very unique way. "Learn To Clown For The Lord."

New Item Listing "Learn To Clown For The Lord"

Our book shows effective ways to Clown for the Lord. A great book for the beginner to experienced clown. Many tips and tricks to incorporate God's gospel truths in your clowning routine.

Send $10.00 plus $2.00 for postage and handling to:
Kibbey's Clowns
7342 Carvel Circle,
Houston, TX 77072

For more information please call (281) 495-7523 or (281) 235-3901

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Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
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